What to look for when purchasing the best flat iron


For a person who values his/her short hair, it is paramount to find and buy the best flat iron for short hair, to straighten it. A large number of flat iron manufacturers claim that their products can efficiently and safely transform the hair looks of their customers. However, a good portion of them usually fails to live up to their promises. Those who are unfortunate to use shady products, usually end up with their hair damaged, due to low-quality plates. To avoid such a scenario, every person looking for a high-quality flat iron should pay attention to a number of specific characteristics and features.

The best plates

22 mxnFirstly, a flat iron cannot be called good, or the best, if it doesn’t use plates of the highest quality. Such plates are usually made from ceramic, pure tourmaline or solid titanium. When looking for a flat iron, one should look for an iron with nothing but pure plates, if possible ceramic ones, or equipped with a ceramic heater. Some manufacturers tend to mislead the customers by using fancy terms like “nano-ceramic” and such. One should avoid these at all costs because that usually means that a plate consists only of microscopic ceramic particles. This exact approach should be taken with all other “nano” technologies, allegedly incorporated into new flat irons. The only exception should be made in the case of irons which incorporate nano-tourmaline particles. Tourmaline can be extremely useful because it is a highly ionic material which is more than capable of smoothing out every single hair strand in a short period.

Which to avoid

The ones that should be avoided by all means are ceramic coated plates. These are considered by far the worst ones, as they consist of nothing more but aluminum, with a bit of ceramic paint. Even though a certain number of professional flat iron are known to use thickly coated ceramic, they still cannot match the quality solid ceramic plates offer.

The importance of protection features

Another important feature of a good flat iron is the level of protection it offers. This level of protection usually rests on using technologies, such as far-infrared heating or ionic technology. Far-infrared heating is probably the most effective method for hair heating, mainly because its waves warm every single strand from the inside, while simultaneously avoiding the outside layer, which is far more vulnerable and delicate. Ionic technology is mainly used to give the hair that special silky and smooth effect. This effect is achieved thanks to the negative ions, which can effectively neutralize frizz and static, as well as substantially reduce the time necessary for straightening.

Other important features

33 xjjdfhiohpiWhen it comes to other important characteristics, every high-quality flat iron for short hair should include comfortable handles, a swivel cord, and a variable heat setting option. This last feature is perhaps the most important one, because safe straightening requires different levels of heat for each purpose and hair type, in this case, short hair. Flat irons that only use fixed heat, usually end up damaging the hair, due to their unchangeable high temperatures. The best option would be to find an iron that has a digital or manual heat adjustment control, so as to prevent any burning damage. For better control, while styling the hair, it would be wise to use a flat iron with comfortable handles. With these, one can have a much better grip, and control the device with greater ease.